Monday, March 29, 2010

...and he's off

You know, I have been warned time and time again to watch out as the kids grow up so fast. Zippity do. There they go. Gonzo.

My big boy is 15 years old. Seriously? He is FIFTEEN!! FIFTEEN??

He was just my baby.

He took is permit test last month and has been driving ever since. I get whiplash when we are out practicing but overall he does a great job. Just another milestone for Austin. Regardless if I am ready for it or not.

I have never had to worry about him. He has always done well in school and he is a good kid. I couldn't ask for more.


Becca said...

Oh, you're so brave! I'd be freaking out! But you must be a very proud momma!

I got rear ended (not too hard) the other day by this kid that didn't look over 12, and his voice hadn't even cracked yet. He had a valid dl, though, so he must've been of age. I almost laughed!

stephanie said...

My kids are not allowed to drive... ever. LOL I'll be there in a few short years. Sooo not looking forward to that!!!

Viky said...

Hello, I have 18 years and your 15 years old Austin is a man now, here is the license 18 years ago and seeing him makes me almost feel because it seems small in comparison to our culture. But if it is a good student and is a good boy deserves everything. Bye, Viky