Monday, March 22, 2010

Molly's Corner

I missed World Down Syndrome yesterday in the blog land. But I didn't forget about it. I was at work and got the privileged of working with a 4 year old with DS and boy was she the cutest and sweetest thing ever! Ahhh....I love those DS kids.

One of my co-workers reminded me that it was "Molly Day". How sweet of her to remember my lovey.

For those unfamiliar, March 21st each year is reserved for all the special people in the world that have DS. The date 3-21 represents THREE 21st chromosomes which is what creates DS.

It is a great day to have some Molly talk.
Her receptive language is developing at an amazing pace.
Receptive language is the comprehension of language - listening and understanding what is communicated. Another way to view it is as the receiving aspect of language. It involves being attentive to what is said, the ability to comprehend the message, the speed of processing the message, and concentrating on the message. Receptive language includes understanding figurative language, as well as literal language. Receptive language includes being able to follow a series of commands.
Her team at school is amazed at her ability to process what is being asked. She hasn't always been good at following directions. Now, she can independently go and wash her hands a face, sit down for snack and lunch, walk to speech and DAPE (a Molly version of Phy Ed) all on her own and sit down and read a book and interpret the story. Love it!
And my favorite piece to her language development is her expressive language. This is the ability to SPEAK the words she is thinking.
New words are just spilling out of her cute little mouth daily.
She LOVES to read. I have ditched the animal books because she is so disruptive with them. She'll sit there a say, "Duck--Kack", "Cow-moooooooo! mooooooo!" etc and we can't get through the story.
She is really starting to mimic the words of the book. Last night she said, "money" clear as day.
I will have to start putting up video on the blog of her saying all these new words so I have something to go on and to follow as she progresses.
I am so proud of Molly and all that she is able to learn along with all the kids with Down Syndrome. They all are amazing kids, don't you think?


stephanie said...

Sounds fabulous! Molly is doing great!

Kristin said...

Molly is amazing and she has an amazing mom!

Rebekah said...

Hi Tracy. I love reading your blog. So when someone was gracious enough to give me an award, I decided to pass it on to you. You can get your image/read about your award/read what I wrote about you even though it's just a couple sentences here: