Friday, March 12, 2010

My Color Bug

After our last mishap with Miss Thing, we needed to take control of the situation. Now she gets just ONE crayon and she must work at the table. Once she leaves the table, the crayon is mine. She looooooves to color! She gets so excited and I love to watch her do it. Just look at those great circles! You go girl!
"Look what I did, mama!"
(We are getting her eye "fixed" at the end of the month!)

...Concentration is the key

Mommy Loves the tongue!

"All done! Doesn't it look great?!"


Becca said...

Oh my goodness, how ADORABLE! I'd love to be able to get Sammi to sit still at the table to color or draw. I think they do it at school, but for some reason her attention span with me is much shorter for that kind of thing. LOL Great pics!

Team Carter Jay said...

Great pics!! I love it!

stephanie said...

Good idea. One crayon is easy to keep track of!lol i could just squeeze her in the the pic with the tongue!!!

Michelle Z said...

OH MY! I LOOOOVE the concentration tongue! She's just adorable!

I didn't know she was having eye surgery! What're they doing? Ruby had surgery on both when she was 15 months.