Thursday, March 11, 2010

The Spot Bot Rescue!

So, let's just say that having four kids and two nice sized dogs, does a number on the flooring of our house. Especially the carpet!

We moved into a house that has hardwood flooring. Cheap hardwood, BTW. The other day, Gavin came home with soaking wet snow pants and took them off by the front door. Right where he should, right? Wrong. The flooring is now bubbled. Are you kidding me? We must get ceramic tile soon. Very soon.

Onto the carpet. Our family/living room is connected to the dining room and kitchen. It's all open and that is what I really wanted in a house. Until now. The kids are constently "sneaking" into the living room with their drinks and snacks. Drives me crazy!

We used to have a Spot Bot but we killed it. We got our $100 worth, that is for sure. It broke about 2 months ago and oh, how I have missed it. Using Resolve and wiping up the messes just grosses me out! I want it sucked up and out of the carpet.

I've been dying here, people! I am disgusted at the site of our carpet with the residual ketsup that Molly flicked off her chicken nugget and onto the carpet (because, remember, they are right next to each other!), the Valentine kisses and choclolate bars, the sippy that "leaked" as it was thrown on the floor on the way through the living room. The occational dog puke--yup! Totally gross!

So, I marched my butt right to Target yesterday and replaced it. Got myself a new one! is good again!


stephanie said...

Oh, I need one of those! I cringe every time Emmie has her therapies, because they come and sit on my seemingly clean carpet. If they only knew what went on before they got to my house.
I love the mystery spots. The ones that no one did, no one saw what happened, they just appeared out of no where.

My name is Sarah said...

This is Joyce. How is this working? I have looked at it but then think oh it will never work so i don't buy it.