Wednesday, March 17, 2010

My St Patty's Birthday Boy

Today, my charming husband turns thrity-something!

A few things that I love and facts about the man I married...
  • He is the only cook in our house. He makes the family dinner each and every night. He loves, loves, loves, to cook and if there was money in it, he would have been a chef.

  • He is also the only one that does the grocery shopping

  • He is even more senstive and caring than he was the day I married him

  • Enjoys each and every one of the kids for their own unique qualities and interests:

  • Austin: They "talk" shop, cars and politics

  • Gavin: Plays the PS2 together and watch "Dirty Jobs", "Myth Busters" and "How it's Made" (I love listening to the conversations that come up during these shows)

  • Maggie: They "hang" together. Where daddy goes, Maggie goes. Whether it be a 4-wheeler ride, walk, or trip to the grocery store, Maggie is always in tow

  • Molly: She loves to snuggle her daddy. She will spend hours laying next to daddy on the couch rubbing his scruff and sucking her cute little tongue

  • He went to private Catholic school from Kindergarten through 12th grade which helped mold him into the man he is today

  • Can do one mean dance to "Billy Jean" by Michael Jackson

  • Had braces and now has the best smile EVER!! (I love teeth! I always had to date a guy with "nice teeth". Just one of my weird requirements of dating)

  • Thoroughly enjoys planes, trains, and automobiles!

  • His favorite shows are The Office and Seinfeld. Each night before bed, he winds down by watching re-runs on Tivo. Over and over.

  • His favorite place on earth is Fort Myers Beach (well, next to home, of course)


Ann said...

I'm green...with envy that your husband cooks dinner every night! That is awesome.

amanda said...

This page is so cute. What a neat idea. You are so lucky to have a cook every night. Our awesome husbands bring the best out of us women and helps us be the most amazing wives :)

stephanie said...

Happy Birthday! That was quite a lovely list. Enjoy your day!!

Kristin said...

Happy (Belated) Birthday Mike!!!!