Friday, April 9, 2010

Help Get Freddie Home!

Let's talk about Freddie.

Freddie is sittin' in an orphanage in Eastern Europe somewhere. It's all so secretive and I really have no idea where he is but what I do know is where is GOING.

He is going to a loving family; The Shupps. Right here in America. What a great gift this family is giving this boy. Oh, he has no idea what a great life he is going to have.

Everyone that reads my blog knows that I have a passion for DS orphans, right? Well Lyndi adopted a little boy with DS last year that they named Patrick. Lyndi's blog was one of my favorite "post adoption" blogs as she really talked truthfully about life with Patrick.

Patrick has truly thrived in his new home and I have enjoyed watching the journey. Did I mentioned how darling this little boy is? Sooo stinkin' cute!

Now, they have been called to adopt this sweet 15 year old boy who really needs to come home.

They will be set to travel soon and are still in need of funds to complete the adoption.

So, please, if your heart and pocket book allow, donate to their fund.

Heck, skip two lattes this week and give that money to Freddie. He needs it more. Really.

Ready to help? Just click HERE and he will guide you to where you need to go.

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