Thursday, April 22, 2010

Return from Paradise

After our long and emotionally draining winter that Mike and I had, we just knew that in order to "regroup" and "re energize" we had to get away.
Mike's parents own a condo on Fort Myers Beach and we got super cheap airline tickets so off we went.
We are so blessed that Mike's dad and my mom agreed to watch the kids so we could do just that.
Watching the kids, house, and two dogs is no easy task. This we know. I loved the fact that the kids were just as excited to spend time with their grandparents as we were to get away.
The homecoming was awesome!! To come home to my sweet kids was so nice. It was worth leaving paradise. Because you know, for a while there, I wasn't sure I wanted to come back. Vacation never seems long enough.

We got it late, late last night so we went right to bed.
I woke up to Molly's voice. I went in and took her out of her crib and she gave me the BIGGEST hug ever. Then she realized that since mommy was there, daddy is there so she took off running to our bedroom yelling, "Daddy! Daddy! Hi, daddy!". By the time I got in there, she was snuggling her daddy, rubbing his scruff. Like always. Ahhhh....
Maggie and Gavin followed. Big hugs and kisses and more hugs!
Austin is 15. Not sure how many hugs I will get out of him when he gets home.


Becca said...

Oh, that is so sweet!! There is nothing sweeter than big hugs from your kids. And wow, that looks like paradise! I'm jealous. :-)

stephanie said...

WOW!!! Lucky people!! Looks like heaven. Glad you guys got to get away. Yes!! You did deserve it!!
And a great welcome home from the kids. Awesome.

Runningmama said...

That does look like paradise from the pictures! Glad you enjoyed your vacation and your homecoming!