Monday, May 24, 2010

A few of my favorite things

Each of my kids have different "loves". Going through my camera yesterday, I realized that I captured a little bit of each of them.

The Gav man. Notice the remote control on his chest--hee! hee! (His favorite is Star Wars. All the neighborhood boys come over to play. They all are such a hoot to watch!)
"Yeah hoo! I beat the level!!" This kid is all about drama.

And then there's Miss Molly Kate. Oh, my dear Molly. She can be so mischievous! Here she is pushing the button for the PS3. Great skill, I know but then she will "lose" whatever DVD or game is in there at the time and it takes forever to find it again. We try very hard to remove whatever movie we are watching or game we are playing but sometimes we forget to take this extra step. Stinker!

I must say this is the MOST frustrating thing she does. About 1, 2, or 3 times a day (maybe more, depending on her mood), she throws out all of the DVD's in the entertainment center. We could put them up or away but seriously! She needs to learn NO!! Naughty little girl, Molly!
Sweet Mag Pie, swinging on grandma's swing at the farm. She would spend hours on this if we let her (and for the most part, we do!)

Ahhh, at last. The teenager. The picture says it all, don't ya think?? Rough life.

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stephanie said...

I'm thinking Miss Em and Miss Molly could easily tear apart a house in no time flat. Emmie has a fetish for the DVD's too! Can toss out in seconds!