Saturday, May 8, 2010

Love a Nurse!

"Right now there is a nurse helping a woman
become a mom, a nurse holding the hand of a dying man, a nurse
inserting an IV in a child, a nurse listening to an Alzheimer patient
tell a story of long ago, a nurse missing their family while caring for
yours. In the minute it took you to read this nurses all over the world
are saving lives."

This past week, it was Nurses Week. I love being a nurse. I love making a difference in the life of a preemie or child. The rewards are endless. If and when I can't be at home with the fam, there is no other place I would rather be.

Just to share, my two favorite nurses:

Meridith Ann, My partner in crime!

Kristin, THE OA!! (J/K, Kristin!)


Just to show that nurses can and do have fun!!

**No babies were used in making of this post!**


stephanie said...

You must be an awesome nurse! I will be forever grateful to all the nurses that made our stay in the NICU so Good. Can I use that word to describe the NICU?
Anyhoo they were all awesome!

Kristin said...


LMAO!!!!! Love you too!!!!

Ann said...

My husband is a nurse practitioner and some of the best care I've received has been from nurses. Love nurses!

Jeana said...

I hope you had an awesome Nurses Week! I have a feeling if Kaelyn would have been at your hospital you would have been her favorite nurse :) Loved the post about the twins, they are so cute together.

JuliAnn said...

Found your blog from the Zoromski Chronicles... as the mother of four preemie miracles, just wanted to thank you and your fun co-workers for all that you do everyday!