Saturday, May 1, 2010

Our Couples Retreat

OK-I am back. At least for now. To continue my last post....

I am not one to spend money on a vacation. We go somewhere as a family once a year and a water park here and there with other families but I have a hard time spending money on vacation and do it because I do realize how important it is to get away.

Sounds odd but that money can be used for better meal choices, buying the kids better quality designer clothes (I love clothes shopping for all my kids), and mainly to help payoff debt faster. I fI have extra money, I would rather put it towards a medical bill. I know, odd, but true.

But this time, this vacation was NEEDED. It was NECESSARY. If I needed anything in my life, it was this. After our failed adoption and long, cold, and snowy winter, working (more than) full time, I KNEW I had to take a break or I was afraid I might break. Mike and I needed to regroup. Reconnect. I don't leave home without my kids very often but this time, I truly looked forward to going away with my dear husband and close friends that we have promise for years that we would go on vacation with.

We have family that own a condo on Fort Myers Beach so the lodging was not an issue. We found round trip tickets for practically nothing. So I really couldn't pass up this opportunity; regardless of the summer clothes that still needed to be bought or the debt that we have incurred. We. Had. To. Get. Away!!!!

Really, the condo is my home away from home. It was relaxing, refreshing, and energizing!!!

We slept past 8am everyday (unheard of around here), went to lunch when we wanted, went to the beach when we wanted, and slept when we wanted. We didn't have a care in the world. No laundry to fold, no emails to return, no baths to do, no floors to scrub. was like heaven on earth. The scenes were breathtaking. The night life included listening to live acoustic bands on the beach each night. We rented a boat and took it out to Captiva Island and basked in the sun for hours and just enjoyed our own private beach AKA paradise!!!

This trip changed my views of vacation (and how I view my psychological well being). Is is money WELL SPENT!!! What have I been missing?? I have been down to the condo without the kids but never felt so refreshed before.

We cannot wait to take the kids down there! All the kids playing on the beach and eating ice cream in time square watching the sunset is something my kids MUST experience!

And we also hope to get away together every couple of years as well as that was so necessary to vacation with just the two of us....

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