Saturday, May 22, 2010

They've Captured My Heart...

There are two girls, each sporting that extra chromosome that have captured my heart. They are almost exactly one year apart. Both living in Eastern Europe. For now. But not for long.

The story goes something like this: It starts with two blogging friends, Michelle and Tracy. We both have a teenager. The same age.

We then, married the man of our dreams and both had a boy. The same age.

Then we both had twin girls. 6 months apart. I had fraternal girls; one with DS and one without. Michelle had identical twins both with DS. Lydia and Ruby.

Then, at the same time, we pursued adoption of a little girl named, Lera. For whatever reason, we were blessed enough to be "picked" to be her parents.

You see, without knowing it, we were both trying to save Lera. But because I knew that we were in "competition" with this anonymous family, we looked further and decided, if it came to it, that we would pursue Lilya. A fraternal twin abandoned at birth for having DS.

So it was: Tracy and Mike were adopting Lera. Michelle and Brian were adopting Lilya.

We talked and dreamed of getting all the girls together once they were home. I could hardly wait!

Then He had other plans for Lera. For reasons beyond our control and understanding, we had to release Lera. She found another family. Whom, for their own reasons, also had to release Lera.

Poor Lera. I could NOT stop thinking and praying about sweet Lera. She deserves a loving family to call her own. She has lived way too long in an orphanage. So beautiful. So smart. So amazing. Yet I felt so much dispare for her.

Then her NEW FAMILY came to save her. I feel in my heart that this was it for sweet baby Lera!!!!!! In the end, she will only live a little over 3 hours from Lily instead of almost 6 hours. What are the odds??

This is Lera at 3 years old (on the right) and then 4 years old (on the left) . How beautiful is she??? I mean Really??? I can hardly stand it!!

So, while I was forced to give up the dream of being Lera's forever mommy, Michelle ventured on. She continued with her paper pregnancy to bring Lilyia home. And succeeded. So excited for her. I can't even tell you how excited I am!

Michelle and Brian are in Eastern Europe right now making things official to bring Lilya home to the US!!

Lilya with her forever Mommy!! It brings tears to my eyes! I just love her sooo much! (Both Michelle AND Lilya!)

This is Lylia's File picture...So beautiful!!

While this is all so bittersweet for me, I know that He is providing for these stinkin' precious girls. I can hardly stand to wait to see both of these girls home. With their forever families.


robert_higbie said...

I am certain it is His plan that I have gotten to know you and love you just as one day soon Lera will know you and love you as well. We are so blessed by you. Please find peace in knowing that.
Lera's forever mommy~

Jennie said...

Sweet Tracy... I was wondering how this was all affecting you. Thanks for sharing your heart.

stephanie said...

OMGoodness! I didn't know Sweet Lera had another family committed to her!!! OMGoodness!!!!I'm reading Diane's comment and crying. Tracy!!!!! this is such sweet news!!!

Cate said...

Tracy, this is a really sweet post. I'm sorry about the bittersweet. I'm so glad Lera has found another home.

JennyH said...

SO happy for Lilya. I love seeing all the pictures they post of her.

I know this has to be very hard. Hope you are dealing with it OK. Glad Lera has found another family. It seems like she is getting tossed around, so to speak.

Becca said...

Tracy, I don't think I knew that you had been committed to Lera at one time. I'm so sorry things didn't work out for you. This has got to be so bittersweet for you. But I am thrilled to hear that she's got another family waiting for her to come home! I think of Lera often. Great news about both girls!

Michelle Z said...

Tracy, the only thing that could make this experience any better is if you were still able to bring home Lera. I can only imagine how hard this has been for you, and I'm amazed at what an unfaltering, wonderful friend you continue to be.