Monday, May 3, 2010

A Visit with Rachel

Rachel, the founder of Signing Time, was here last week and put on an hour long performance.

She was amazing. She is such a genuine, sweet person and really truly cares about and loves what she does. Molly went crazy and was dancin' like no one was watching. At the end of each song, she would yell out, "Yaaaaa!" with her hands in the air. It was pretty cute. Maggie knew a lot of the signs and songs and she signed and sung away like the big girl she is.

One observation I made was that there was quite a few children with Down Syndrome there. Not surprising as sign language is the main language for the down syndrome child in their early years when they are not able to form words with their mouths.

Rachel and her Baby Signing Time was a God send when Molly was younger. The videos made it fun to learn. Molly's teachers and para's at school use a lot of sign language with her and thanks to this series of video's, Molly understands and follows the directions given in sign language.

At the end of the show, we were able to meet Rachel and take a couple of pictures with her. I have a crappy camera as my good one is not working so they are not the best quality.

We purchased a couple of the next series DVD's and had her sign them


Kelly said... fun and exciting! Sounds like the girls had lots fun:) And a picture with Rachel to boot!! We love Rachel too:) She will be performing at our Annual Buddy Walk in Wakefield, MA this October....cannot wait!!

stephanie said...

AWW, that's so cool! I just borrowed one video from the library, Emmie loved it!