Saturday, May 22, 2010

I din't expect this reaction...

I heard about this show, "What would you do?" all over facebook and the Internet this week and I just got around to watching this. Right now I have tears of I don't know what streaming down my face!!

I am angry and mostly frustrated with society and that people really are this insensitive and rude. Even though these are all actors, I know that people really do say these things and will say these things about Molly and worst of all TO Molly.

I am somewhat shocked at my reaction to this video. I mean, I know it happens but dang! To hear it...I just didn't expect to feel this way. Wow.

All I can say is that it sucks. This feeling sucks. And to know that Molly will feel this way sucks.



Jenee said...

I too watched it. Tears for me also! My heart broke for my Katie and all the other people out there with special needs. This just made me want to advocate for them even more. Sometimes I feel like I go over the top with Ds awareness being so new to all of this, but not today, nope! They need us more then ever!

That video reminded me once again that I think I still am in a LITTLE bit of denial dealing with Ds. The reality of it all, Kaitlyn as an adult. Right now she is such a beautiful baby, changing hearts for the good everywhere she goes. Her future in society terrifies me! Shame on society and their lack of human decency!

Anonymous said...

An article in the Sioux Falls Argus Leader today, about a DS student and her "support group" - - very uplifting - - you might want to read

JennyH said...

I felt the same. How can people be that rude? Does that really happen??!?

Glad to see several people stood up though.