Friday, July 30, 2010

Another subtle reminder

I have mentioned time and time again just how different my two beautiful twin daughters are.

One is Short. One is tall.

One has blue eyes. One has brown eyes.

One looks like daddy. One looks like mommy.

One has three 21st chromosomes. One only has two.

As the girls get older, I am really beginning to notice how (do I dare say it?) delayed Molly is in compared to Maggie.

Don't get me wrong (and those of you that personally know me know this to be true) I cherish and love every STINKIN' thing about Molly. She is a breath of fresh air, she can and does put a smile on anyone's face. She is such a dolly.

Nonetheless, she is delayed. That is a part of who she is. Period.

When I see them at the park, I see Maggie (whom was born 6 short minutes before her sister) running up the steps and down the slide in two seconds flat.

Molly takes a little bit longer (ok, a LOT longer! lol) to accomplish this task.

It's things like this on a day to day basis that reminds me of how different they are and watching the gap widen is an amazing journey.

Here is my reminder today:

Maggie: "Mom, I need Addison's blanket! It is for Addison only"
Me: "Where is it?"
Maggie: "In the closet"
Me: "OK, you can go in there and grab it"
Maggie: "No, I can't reach it! It is on the top shelf. The one high up. You know what I mean, mom?"
Me: "Oh, OK. I will get it down for you"
Maggie: "It is the one on the bottom. The purple one"

1) She names all of her babies and knows who is who
2) She knows where the "top and bottom" are
3) She knows her colors
4) She communicates with such ease.

This is how this would go if it were Molly asking for the blanket

Molly: "Mom!" "Mom!" "Mooooom!"
Me: "Yes, Molly?"
Molly: (signing blanket, then pointing) "blanket" (in Molly's language, of course)

Good enough for me. I enjoy watching my girls grow up to be independent little girls.

Sunday, July 11, 2010

8 years of bliss!!

Today, Mike and I are celebrating our 8 year wedding anniversary. "Today I will marry my that I laugh with, live for, dream with, love"
I picked this saying for our wedding invitations because I thought that this is really what marriage is all about. I can honestly say that it does incorporate well into our marriage.

We laugh. We sometimes just have to laugh and the crazy life that we share together. Constantly going. Moving. Action.
Live for. There are days that I live for Mike. Those days that only he can help me through it and I am so thankful that I have him in my life. He's a fabulous daddy to our litter of children. He is the soft and sensitive one. He keeps me grounded, if that's possible.

I also appreciate the fact that I get to live out my dreams with him.

Through the years, we've had our days. Rough times, good times, bad times. And I am sure that in the years to come there with be more rough times, good times, and bad times. But at the end of the day, we still have each other. And I love that!

I love you, honey bunny!!

My BIG little boy...

My little man turned 7 last month.

I am so proud of him. For so many reasons.

Gavin has come a long way in the past year. It really amazes me what a year makes.

He is so good with Molly. He is her protector. He has really stepped up to be the "big brother". I love watching him interact with her.

I love his energy. Each and every day, he wakes up (with a huge smile on his face!) and ponders what he is going to do that day. He lives each day to the absolute fullest!! He is our social butterfly. He has befriended every boy in the neighborhood and with his gentle spirit, has made sure that everyone gets to play. He ensures that no one is left out. Gotta love this kid!

His determination and his ability to focus has really transpired. He recently had swim lessons and he tried his best. Each and every lesson. He now looks forward to going to the lake so he can practice on the skills he has learned.

With baseball, his ambition really shows. He always asks that coach, "Can I be on first? Can I be on first?". He gets so fired up about baseball!

Going forward, I am excited to see what the next year will bring for BIG little boy.

Monday, July 5, 2010

Whatta sweet boy he is!

With summer, comes many, many activities. Which is why I seriously haven't had time to blog.

We are enjoying summer to the absolute fullest with a jam packed agenda everyday. Mike and I both work full time. But in between work, we enjoy 4 baseballs games for the Gav man each week, one dance class, and swimming lessons. Not to mention my boy turned 7 on June 25th (more on this later, I guess)

The weekends are packed with some great memories with some fantastic friends full of camp fires, indulging of way too many smores, and days out at the lake. Somehow, grilling never seems to get old. Not to mention, my kids all have gills and LOVE the water.

We are yet to go on our summer vacation at the end of July, valleyfair, splashpad, movies, and more campfires!

There was one thing that brought me to blogging today. It is something that I have write down so I don't forget. It's a little something Gavin said.

While we were watching Maggie at dance class last week, this woman comes up to Molly and says, "Hi, Ruby!"

There is another little girl in our community with Down Syndrome. I corrected her by saying, "Oh, this is Miss Molly. Ruby and Molly do look a lot alike".

Gavin was confused. He wanted to know why that woman called Molly "Ruby." (Gav has never met Ruby so he didn't know who she was talking about)

I told Gavin, "well, she is another little girl that has Down Syndrome"

Gavin asks, "What's Down Syndrome?"

Thought to myself "Mmmmmm....what is DS? Does he really not know what that is? He has to know! After all, Molly is almost 4! Do we not use that term at home, really?..."

Gav interrupts my thought and says, "Ooooh, Ruby is cute and nice, just like Molly?"

Yes, Gav. That is what Down Syndrome is!