Wednesday, August 25, 2010

A Day In The Life...

I have been blessed enough to spend a solid six days with my wonderful children. I took on the role of the stay at home mom. A role that I have an immense amount of respect for those that chose this as their career. Really. You stay at home parents truly amaze me. Everyday.

My days go something like this...

I wake up to Maggie, each and every single day, saying the name that I dreamed about growing up and the I have grown love (**Cough**), "mom! mom! Get up! Go downstairs with me. Now!"

Nope, no time to gather my thoughts. No time to process what time it is or what day it is. No time to even pee. Just get up and get down stairs...NOW!!

As I try to relieve my bladder and make my pot of coffee, I get interrupted with cereal of her choice thrown in my face to pour her and her siblings their cereal. You know, NOW! As they haven't eaten in 12 hours, right? Starving. Just starving.

Wake the teenager so he can get to soccer practice.

Change Molly and help the kids get dressed. Remind them several times to go up and brush their teeth.

Then, and only then can I go to the bathroom and make my coffee. NOW mommy's day can begin...

Gotta get the laundry started. As I am walking down the 17 steps from upstairs to downstairs with a very heavy laundry basket, I get the "Mom! Mom! Help me tie my dress. Mom! Mom!" Just a bleeeeepin' minute babe! Can't you see my hands are COMPLETELY full? Ugh!!

Wake the teenager so he can go to soccer practice. Yeah, I know, I already did that once!

Get the litter of children in the van to bring the teenager to soccer. Only, the teenager isn't ready...of course. Fight with Maggie and Gavin as they insist on sitting somewhere else in the van other than their assign seats. Why do they always pick the worst times to play musical chairs?? We were gonna be late! So, I pick my battle. Instead of dealing with the melt downs (as I don't have time on my side), I unbuckle the harnesses and put them where they want. Pick up another kid that is never ready. So we are late to practice. AGAIN!~

Get home. Do breakfast dishes. Do a couple loads of laundry. Go back and pick up the teenager from soccer practice. Make a quick, yet healthy lunch.

Nap time. Ahhhhhh! Mommy time. Best time of the day! Woot! Woot! But it doesn't last long.

Get the ladies up from nap, have snack, and bring the teenager to the skate park.

Once I get home, I have to deal with a neighborhood bully being mean to Gavin so I have to go deal with that drama. While that is going on, it starts to rain cats and dogs.

Throw the kids back in the van to get the teenager from the skate park--quick!! NO, you can NOT play musical seats! At this point, I resent the 5-point harnesses!!

Get home. Make dinner. Do MORE laundry. Break up a few more fights. No one can agree as to what to watch so I have to threaten to turn the TV off all together. Thank God for Good 'Ol Sponge Bob!

Clean a bathroom or two.

Call my sister-in-law, whom has breast cancer, whom I would love to give my undivided attention to but that is nearly impossible as I have three little beings hanging from my leg yelling "Mom! Mom! Mom!"

Lock myself in the garage and beg the teenager to watch them for 15 minutes so I can talk to her only to be interrupted by the teenager himself saying, "Mom! Are you done!"

Oh, just forget it! I will call her back. When? Well, I don't know, when Molly is 16??

Get the kids up to bed to brush their teeth and get their pull ups on. Fight with Molly to take her Melatonin so she will actually sleep through the night.

Have to read SIX bedtime stories. Why or why do you ask? Because no one can agree on a stinkin' story so I just end up reading a mini library. It's not a bad deal, however. The kids love it. So does mommy.

Then I fold all the laundry. Do the dinner dishes. And Crash!

So, I work the next 4 days. Thank you, God! Mommy is exhausted and needs a break! A break to the quiet walls of the NICU.


Jennie said...

Thanks for the laugh tonight, Tracy. I often tell Mark that I just want to go to work to get a break. He doesn't believe me!

OT: Are you available on 9/7 to hit the museum with us?

JennyH said...

HA!! Every day is crazy here. I consider the bathroom time to be mommy time!! Only thing is they find me in there too!

stephanie said...

You're killing me with this post!!! too funny. I'm writing this with a cold one by my side after the day I've had!!! Started with an 8:15 am doctor appointment followed by two more. Then laundry and grocery shopping, and stopping to wipe Em's projectile snot! And now a night wondering how my daughter Sophia is doing at her first concert!!! Jonas Brothers! Woo hoo!!!

Gotta love it!!!

stephanie said...

Oh and I forgot to mention , when i came home with the groceries my oldest daughter takes an ice cream bar leaves the rest of the box on the kitchen floor and retires to the living room. That's what prompted the cold one!! Do they do that just for kicks???

Kristin said...

Great post Tracy! Exactly what we were discussing. This is what life is all about!