Monday, September 6, 2010

An added to treat to the party!

At our monthly get together with Na and Kristin, Naomi brought face paint. What a great idea! That woman is such a hoot! Each and every child was soooo excited to get their face painted and even more excited to be able to "pick" what they wanted to be...

Taya was a vampire...

Chloe was a kitty cat....

Maggie was a butterfly...

..And Gav, well he was a werewolf! Of course!

Even Austin took part! How cool is this kid, anyway? Bob, the military man, filled in for Na as he is a specialist in camo paint!

And the finished product! Mom with the teenager. Love this boy, I tell ya!

As you can tell, Gavin had the most fun running around trying to scare everyone

It was getting dark by the time we were done painting 7 cute little faces but here they all are!

Na, being the awesome person she is, made sure Molly was included! I was so excited to see Molly all done up!

Just because Molly is so funny, this is her signing "poop" and then laughing. She thinks she is so funny all the time with her silly signs!

Mag's with the IPod. She looked so engrossed in this game!

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Michelle Z said...

That looks like so much fun!

And I'm sorry, but Molly needs to stop getting cuter! Seriously, I want to pluck her up & tickle her! Love her smile!!