Friday, October 29, 2010

Gavin's First HUGE Boo-Boo!

We have a great bedtime routine. One that I am very proud of.

We have bedtime snack and bath between 7-7:30. Then the kids get to watch one show at 7:30.
8:00 we brush our teeth, read our stories and lights out by 8:30.

It's a routine that usually goes quite smoothly.
Wednesday night was anything but smooth, simple, and quiet.

At 7:40, the kids are in our bedroom watching their show and I am at the computer, reviewing our benefits for the upcoming year through FedEx (Mike's new employer) when I hear a very loud THUMP followed by an alarming cry/scream from Gavin. You can recognize your kids' cry and this was a "OMG! I am terrified! I am really hurt!" cry.

I turned to Austin and said, "We are going to Urgent Care. The girls need to go to bed at 8"."

I was quite proud of my calm nature as Gavin came down the stairs with blood oozing from the middle of his forehead and a black and blue eye that already appeared to be puffy. I guess being a critical care pediatric nurse pays off. I've been in an emergency situation a time or two.

I text Mike to let him know what's going on (he was at work) and off we went to Urgent Care.

I must admit, I was worried that he had sustained a concussion. The wound could be stitched but I was worried about his head inside. I made him stay awake on the ride there. I kept asking him questions, to ensure his speech wasn't slurred. I asked him what the date was. He was tired. He wanted to sleep. After all, it was his bedtime. I wouldn't let him.

Daddy met us at Urgent Care. We had the talk with him that we had given him a hundred times over. NO MORE MONKEYS JUMPING ON THE BED!!!

Here is what he looked like before the stitches went in.

The poor kid looks just wiped out and dead tired. He just wanted to sleep.

The MD walked in, took one look at him and said, "Yup, he needs stitches."

EIGHT of them to be exact. He didn't even flinch when the doctor put in the lidocaine. He was too busy asking 101 questions. He was quite funny, actually. He did great! Mommy and daddy are so proud of our big boy!

In the morning, the eye looked so much worse! Poor buddy!

We kept him home from school yesterday for close observation. He went back today but was quite reluctant as he didn't want everyone to ask him what happened.

He jokes he should be frank n' stein for Halloween instead of a vampire.

Not a bad idea.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

The Diva Returns

I know I have blogged about my fashion diva before but I just had to do it again once more.

I pulled up from dropping the teenagers off at the skate park to see this totally cute little girl smiling at me!

So, let's review the diva's outfit, shall we?

  • We have the famous polka dotted hat and shiny purple coat; perfect for those cold winter days
  • Notice the swimsuit under her sundress; perfect for the beach since you never know when the opportunity will arise, you gotta be ready, right?
  • I didn't capture it but she is barefoot. Quite surprising actually since she goes between her flip flops, to Mary Jane's, to tennis shoes with in the first half of her day. You know, it just depends on her mood.
  • The outfit is topped off with a pink Barbie purse full of lip gloss and hair pretties