Sunday, October 17, 2010

The Diva Returns

I know I have blogged about my fashion diva before but I just had to do it again once more.

I pulled up from dropping the teenagers off at the skate park to see this totally cute little girl smiling at me!

So, let's review the diva's outfit, shall we?

  • We have the famous polka dotted hat and shiny purple coat; perfect for those cold winter days
  • Notice the swimsuit under her sundress; perfect for the beach since you never know when the opportunity will arise, you gotta be ready, right?
  • I didn't capture it but she is barefoot. Quite surprising actually since she goes between her flip flops, to Mary Jane's, to tennis shoes with in the first half of her day. You know, it just depends on her mood.
  • The outfit is topped off with a pink Barbie purse full of lip gloss and hair pretties


stephanie said...

I love it! The girl is ready for anything!!!

Jen Thibodeau said...

She is sooo CUTE Tracy! The outfit will be in soon...wait and see! The layered look! :-)