Saturday, November 27, 2010

My Main Man!

I was so sad that I was unable to spend Thanksgiving with not one single family member! I loath that I have to miss out on family stuff because of work. I love what I do and hospital nursing is my "thing". I wouldn't have it any other way. But this time of year, those few days matter to me. I usually take the holidays in stride. Because usually one side of the family or the other shift the "family get together" by a weekend or a day or two so if I miss one, I always know there is a family holiday party that I can look forward to in the upcoming days.

Not this year. Both sides decided to have Thanksgiving dinner ON Thanksgiving Day this year.

I was throwing this big old pitty party to Mike on Wednesday night. Throwing an all out fit that I have to miss out and wish that family would rearrange the holiday festivities for lonely old me. Yes, I know. Completely unrealistic. Not happinin', I know. But still. I had to miss out on seeing EVERYONE. That stinks! Truly stinks! The double time helped. That is about all I was thankful for on Thanksgiving. The pitty party continued through the holiday until....

I woke up on Friday afternoon to find that my wonderful husband had made an entire Thanksgiving feast for lonely old me! He thought of everything. The 16lb turkey, stuffing, potato's, my favorite green bean casserole. All the bells and whistles.

We sat down as a family (minus Austin as he was spending the holiday weekend at my sisters) for THANKSGIVING DINNER!!!!!

I love my man!

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Halloween 2010

Yup, it's two weeks post Halloween and here I am, finally getting around to blogging about it. You know, the week after Halloween, the blog world is full of fun posts of Halloween and I just didn't want to steal the show from I waited. Hee! Hee!

It was warm this year. This is significant because in MN, it can be so stinkin' cold or so incredibly warm on Halloween night. It was around 50 degrees when we started and slowly dropped off to around 42 degrees. Not bad! And it was a clear sky full of stars and a bright, bright moon! It couldn't have been more perfect!

I had a total blast editing these pictures on Picnik! They had some fun stuff on there! The kids just giggled and giggled when they saw these!

Notice Molly running AWAY from the camera in the upper left. Typical Molly!

Oh, but of course Maggie has to be throwing her doll right at the time the picture is shot!

Notice the stitches! A lot of people asked if they were real! Boy, Gav sure was proud to say "YUP!"

We took the kids to the Haunted House in town "before all the monsters woke up". They got to see the house with the lights on and got a handful of candy at the end. **This is the ONLY picture of Miss Molly Kate**

I love this house! They give out the best candy and have a great yard!

This house took the prize! It was full of scary stuff! Awesome!

We hit every single house in North Pointe this year! Each bag must've weighed 25#!! It will take the kids until Easter to eat it all!