Thursday, January 6, 2011

Trusting others with your DS child

Living life with a child with Down Syndrome is really truly amazing. Really. Is is. Our Miss Molly is really one sweet little lady.

But she does require more work. Not all DS kids are. But Molly is. She is 4 years old and requires a lot of attention. For the most part, we start each day with "letting her out of her room" by taking down the baby gate that is at her door. In the beginning, it was so she wouldn't fall down the 17 stairs we have. Now it's so she doesn't wander outside (well, the doors ARE locked) or wonder through the house and get into something while we are sleeping and harm herself. Then we progress through the day, letting Maggie and Gavin do what they want, go to the neighbors to play, play outside with the kids and even venture to the park.

But not Molly. We keep a watchful eye on her. For the most part, it is for her own safety but also it's to not burden others. But really, I think it comes down to a trust factor. Letting go. It's something that Mike and I have not yet learned. How do I know this?

Our dreams.

While taking a nap for a night shift, I had, what I considered at the time, a horrible dream. I could not sleep. It kept waking me up. I was dreaming that Molly was sent to the "neighbors" of a family member and I totally freaked out! I didn't know those people (even though the family member thought the world of this older lady that had lots of toys and made cookies and did arts and crafts with her). I was so upset that this family member sent her to this persons house! I was truly terrified. Even though she probably was a fine lady, I didn't trust her.

Without even mentioning this to Mike, he tells me that he couldn't sleep the next night because he was dreaming about Molly being in an assisted living facility and she was playing a board game with another adult with DS and was totally upset that the staff allowed her to "be on her own". He was so upset (in the dream) that no one was "supervising" her and making sure she was safe. He wanted to take her home! Even though he knew that she was safe, he didn't trust the facility.

Interesting that we both dreamed about allowing others to care for Molly and our subconscious minds would NOT allow this to occur or rather upset us so much?

I wonder if it is telling us it's time to let go and trust others to care for Molly? Or is it that we just worry so much more about our child with Down Syndrome?

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Gav's Alian Invasion!

In art class Gavin was taught how to make little people out of a simple piece of foil. This is what he brought home.... Once he was home, he took out the foil from our pantry and began to make several of these little alien like creatures. You know how kids are. Once they get their minds set on something, it's totally guns out! They multiplied before my eyes. He played with them for a couple of hours and then went outside to play with his bestie.

I went up to his room to find that these little creatures were all over his closet! I couldn't stop laughing!

On the trim over the door...

The corners of the closet...

Set up on little stands throughout the closet....

I got such a kick out of my 7 year olds imagination!
I tucked him in that night telling him how excited I was that he used his imagination to the fullest!
When I went to check on him before I went to bed, I found this sign on the closet door:
And this is what I found when I opened up the closet door...
All the little creatures tucked into their little cages. Love this kid!

Monday, January 3, 2011

It's a New Year!

2010 was quite the year! You wouldn't know it by my poor, neglected blog. I missed out on so much by not blogging about the kids' birthday, their funny moments, our family trip. I must get better! This is the year. I think that the month of January will have to be a month of catch up. It will be a recap of 2010. It must!

Stay tuned....