Monday, January 3, 2011

It's a New Year!

2010 was quite the year! You wouldn't know it by my poor, neglected blog. I missed out on so much by not blogging about the kids' birthday, their funny moments, our family trip. I must get better! This is the year. I think that the month of January will have to be a month of catch up. It will be a recap of 2010. It must!

Stay tuned....


ParkerMama said...

It looks like I've found another Mom of a little one with Ds. I'll be back!

Tammy and Parker

The Holt's said...

I found your blog on the Down Syn website. I am currently pregnant and just found out a few weeks ago that our baby girl has DS. So I plan on blog stalking. :) I hope you don't mind.
Thanks for blogging!
Tonya Holt