Monday, September 12, 2011

Gav's First Day of Third Grade

So here is he is!
 Mr Gavin.  Ready for the THIRD grade!
Oh my goodness!

We started school a week later this year due to construction.
It was a perfect day; 86 degrees and sunny.
Gavin got THE BEST teacher EVER this year, Mr R!

Just look at that smile! He couldn't wait to get those new shoes on and head to the bus stop!

The tradition continues with pic's of the kids...
 Gav with the ladies...All with bright shiny shoes! Love it!

 With his BFF's Henry and Jayden

Koop's and Gav; Best Cousins!

...And he's off!

It's gonna be a GREAT year! I can just feel it!

(Austin snuck out while I was at the bus stop so I missed his first day of school pic! I think it was intentional. Not so cool to have a Juniors pic taken)

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Anca said...

Hi Tracy,

I'm glad you're back in blog-ing land!
Good luck to Gavin in grade 3 and can't wait to hear about Miss Molly and Miss Maggie!