Saturday, October 1, 2011

Day One! Ya gotta read this! Whatta day!

Today marks the beginning of my favorite month.  The month of October celebrates and promotes Down Syndrome awareness.  This is the time, on my blog and facebook, that I will share with the world how amazing Miss Molly is and how she has essentially made ME a better person, mother, friend, and wife.  Really. 

On Facebook, about three weeks ago, there were posts of an orphan, right here in the US with Down Syndrome.  People were pleading to "please find this boy with DS a family of his own". You see, he was placed with a family prior to his arrival.  Shortly after he made is grand entrance, his doctors revealed (what I call) his "secret".  The little man was sporting that extra 21st Chromosome!

With that, the family gave him back.  Just like that.  Fools. Oh, what fools.  If they had only known....

While reading this, I was thinking, "oh geesh! There are 100's of family's that will scoop this little ray of sunshine right up!" I really wasn't worried for the little man.  Just excited for his new family to explore and learn all there is to know and learn about Down Syndrome.

So today, on the first day of October, the first day of Down Syndrome awareness month, I got to meet this little man and oh my! Is he so stinkin' cute and sweet! Yes, that's right.  This sweet little orphan boy, whom I knew would find a family to call his own lives two doors down from me!

...And that is how I celebrated the first day of Down Syndrome Awareness month! It's gonna be a good month!


Jennie said...

How crazy cool is that?!

stephanie said...

OOH that gave me goosebumps!!!

Ann said...

That is amazing! Lucky family and lucky you!

Tara said...

That's AWESOME!!! Big, huge, fat grin on my face! Yipee!