Friday, October 7, 2011


Earlier this fall, I had mentioned to Mike that I would like Molly to take up dance. He was not too receptive to it which kind of surprised me because well, I am the one in charge of the activities and honestly wasn't expecting resistance. He might kill me for quoting him but I am sure there are many fathers of DS daughters that feel the same way. 

 He said, "No, she will just be disruptive to the class. She won't just follow directions and that is not fair to the other dancers.  I know that you want her to do what everyone else does but she just isn't ready"

Well, you know me with that stubborn German blood running through me responds, "I am not doing this so she can be like everyone else. I am doing this because she loves music and she can follow directions"

The conversation did not go any further.  Mike knew I would put her in it. And I did.

I had a nice long talk with the teacher and told her that I would like to see her attend 8 classes and if she was indeed disruptive, did not follow directions, and just isn't getting it, I would pull her out at that time but I really wanted to give this a solid effort. The teacher stated, "Oh my goodness, Tracy! She will be fine! I have had several girls with DS in class and they do great and so will Molly!"

Last night was her 3rd class.  She doesn't allow parents in but she let me. For 5 minutes. So I watched in pure amazement and pride.  She did it! She really, really did it! She stood in line, followed directions beautifully, and best of all she was having a blast! This girl is loving this!

When you have a child with DS, "they" warn you to keep your expectations low.  I suppose to prevent disappointment. I think the hubs kinda keeps his guard up but not this mama! Guns out! Molly met my expectations last night and she exceeded her daddy's! She is her mama's girl.  A little German blood running through those tiny little veins, keeping her strong! 

You go girl!   She ROCKED it!!


Becca said...

That's awesome, Tracy!!! So glad you posted this. I've been on the fence about Samantha and dance class for some time, worried that she wouldn't participate (she shuts down in group activities, but will gladly do things one on one). I'm still thinking about it...she may still surprise me!

Way to go, Molly!

Ann said...

WTG Molly! You go girl! Love the pic at the end. : )

Stephen Hayes said...

I stopped by your blog and got caught up in your writing. I look forward to reading more in the future.

Jennie said...

LOVE the pictures, especially the last one! Way to go, Molly!

Sweet Pea's Mommy said...

Way to go Molly! I loved reading this so thank you for sharing! I look forward to the day that my little girl can go to dance class too!