Tuesday, October 25, 2011

The Long Overdue Haircut

Molly's hair is thin and fine, just like her mama's. It didn't look the best longer but she was a girl and I wanted her to have long hair. 
However,  she would  threw an all out fit every time I wanted to put it up in a pretty, braid, ponies...ANYTHING!  She hated the tugging and would pull away from me and cry and scream. Every. Single. Time.
And well, Daddy isn't a fan of putting her hair in a simple pretty.  He is untrainable in the department, I guess.  So she would go to daycare and school with nappy looking hair
So I cut it.  On a whim one day.  Called to make an appointment and got right in.
At first, I hated  did not like it very much.  I was so mad at myself for responding to that wild hair. I really need to control those impulses.

It didn't take long to realize how cute it really was.  While on vacation this summer, I added a feather to accessorize that new stylish do which made me like it even more.
Three months later, I am very happy with my decision.  Not to mention Molly and daddy.  Our morning routine has been much more peaceful.


Stephen Hayes said...

I'm no expert on these things but it seems to me that she's an adorable little girl with an adorable, stylish hair style. Looks great to me. And I'm sure much more practical.

Michelle Z said...

um, ADORABLE!!!!!!

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