Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Molly's Mob

We celebrated Maggie and Molly's Birthday this year at the
Step Up For Down Syndrome Walk in St Paul.

It has been a tradition in our family to do this since Molly was born. 
(We obviously missed it the year she was born since it is always the last weekend in September)
  It's one of my favorite activities to do and to see all the support.

Me and my two favorite lady friends. 
These two have been there for me from the beginning and no doubt will always be there.

One of my favorite walkers reminded me of something pretty cool.  Each year we donate and or walk for something and this walk is probably one of the only "happy" walks.  So true. 

Nanna, once again, brought treats and the birthday cake (that you see Molly sneaking a taste!) and presents along with and the rest of Molly's Marvelous Mob!

So after the walk, we celebrated Maggie and Molly's Fifth Birthday Party with song, cake and presents, followed by a trip to the zoo.

..And the day wouldn't be complete with a picture of the Hurlbuts! (Seriously, though K--you are my idol.  I wish I would remember more often to take family shots like this)

As I was putting the girls to bed that night, I was asking Molly,
"Did you have a good 'all about Molly' day?"
and Maggie chimes in, "Mom! It was MY day too!"
I said, "Yes, Mag's.  You are correct.  It was a celebration for your birthday but also
to celebrate Molly and Down Syndrome"
She responds,
"Well, I have Down Syndrome too!"

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Jeana said...

What a special way to celebrate the girls birthday every year. I LOVE the comment by Maggie at the end, so cute. So I was just thinking about you wondering how you take care of twins...I'm kind of feeling like that is what I have right now, we go from one feeding to the next and then the day is over :) If you have any advice I would love it :)