Thursday, November 3, 2011

Halloween Fun!!

Halloween is so magical for the kids!
 They love picking out the perfect costume.
This year was especially sweet for mom. 
Gavin raided Uncle Jeremy's army chest for all the attire.
Maggie dressed as the same thing she was last year (couldn't convince her otherwise)
Molly got a special design from mommy's work.
Can't beat a year that didn't cost me a single penny!

 The question I ask myself several times a day, "where's Molly?" came across my lips.
The surgeon had fled the OR.  I found her running down the dirt road behind our house....
...And to Uncle Jeremy's house.

Molly really got into this treat or treating thing this year.  Last year she went to three to four houses and was done.  She didn't have much of an interest.  So, we assumed she would be the same this year.  After the first cul-de-sc, I told Mike to go ahead and take her home (Austin was handing out the candy) but she wasn't having it! About 15-20 houses later and hearing her sweet "trick or treat!....Thank You" I thought we better not press our luck and sent her home.

The neighborhood crew tradition! They all looked great!

Chloe and Taya decided to skip dinner this year and join us! What a treat!

We have a house in our neighborhood that is always, always into the holiday spirit and does a super fantastic job at Halloween.  The kids never forget and love to go...

(This is a real life creepy guy posing for the camera! Creeeeepy!)

The kids loved checking it out.  Some (Chloe and Maggie) of the kids were a little freaked out and had a hard time convincing them that it was all just pretend and had to have a lot of convincing to venture into "The Boneyard"

At bedtime that night, Gavin told me that "it was the best Halloween ever!".
Yup, he tells me that every year. 
 I love it as it shows that he had a blast!!


Becca said...

Wow, what a fun night!! They could not *possibly* be any cuter! Samantha really enjoyed the decorations we saw on our walk through the neighborhood, too this year (although much, much less elaborate...LOL).

Stephen Hayes said...

Your Halloween made ours seem extremely lackluster. At least we managed to hand out most of our candy. Last year we only got one kid.

Eva Alberti said...

Cool! In our country we do not celebrate as so does your family the Halloween. It's a great pity! I like this tradition very much!

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