Monday, November 14, 2011

Maggie's First Play Date

Maggie has a best friend we call Katie Bug.  She is the cutest little ray of sunshine.  Katie Bug and Maggie have been in daycare together for the past three years.  They are also in dance together. 

Katie Bug came to Maggie and Molly's Fifth Birthday Bash (which I still have to blog about as it was a fantastic day!) and it was her first birthday party she had ever attended.  She did good.  Her mom dropped her off and picked her up several hours later. No tears. No worries. She had fun.

It's a big deal when you are only 5.  You know, to leave your mama's side and do something all by yourself.

Katie Bug's mom invited Maggie over last weekend for a play date.  She was originally thinking it could be a sleep over but we both realized that this might be a little much for sweet Mag Pie.

And so, we decided that we would just make it a play date.  Her mom was to pick both of the girls up from daycare around 4pm and drop Maggie off at home around 8pm.

Maggie was so stinkin' nervous.  Cute nervous I must say. 

"Mommy, I am just going over there until bedtime, right?" "You will be there to pick me up, right?"

I worked that night so shortly after I left for work, around 6pm,  I texted her mom to see how it was going.

The response was, "I just dropped her off at home.  She said she had to go home because it was dark outside, therefore, her bedtime and she had to go to bed"

The poor thing was just too nervous to enjoy her time away from her sister, whom steals her toys and wrecks her perfectly designed pictures and her brother whom is always picking on her and whom she is constantly fighting with.

There's no place like home.


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