Thursday, February 23, 2012

A Few Proud Mommy Moments!

We had Molly's IEP meeting yesterday to go over what the plan is going to be for kindergarten.
We've decided to separate the girls.  That is their recommendation and I agree.
I think that having them together will be a crutch to both of the girls.
Molly will be in the regular classroom 70% of the time and pulled for therapies and such 30%.
She will continue to have a one on one para for the next year being it is something completely foreign to her.  New building, new people, new environment!
She will also continue to ride the special needs bus next year but all agree she will more than likely transition to the regular school bus in first or second grade.

Each day that Molly arrives at school, she sits down and Bonnie (her para) helps her trace her name.  Little Missy is really fighting for her Independence this year.  I was told that she pushes Bonnie away repeating, "No! Stop it! I do it! I do it!"
They showed me this:
 Look at that! The "M" is hard for her but this is the first time I had seen how awesome she did on independently writing her name!

Then she showed me this one:
 The head teacher was sure that Bonnie had helped her with this drawing and Bonnie assured her that nope, "Molly do it!" and she did. All by herself with no prompting or assistance!
I am not gonna lie.  I cried as I stared at this piece of art that will be framed. 
I was so proud. Look that the hair and eyes and the arms and legs all in the appropriate spots!

My teenager.
You know the one.
The one that lives in the basement of our house.
The one I see for, ummm, maybe 10 minutes a week.
Well, he decided that he was gonna join the National Guard.
All on his own initiative.
He took the written test and blew it out of the water! Scored an almost perfect score!
He then did the physical portion. I guess that they are extremely picky these days.
You have to essentially be in top notch condition to be considered.
He passed and was sworn in:
I am one proud mama!! (Daddy was more excited and proud than me!)
And so he will be shipped off the basic training for 10 weeks this summer.

Mr. Gavin continues to Rock It in Tae Kwon Do! He has worked very hard over the passed for months and obtained his YELLOW belt this past week!

The instructor was a little less forgiving this time and only a handful of kids actually got their yellow belt. It was a tough test.
So proud of my big boy!

And Miss Mag Pie. She has been dancing her little heart out this winter.
She has had several shows and loves it! She can hardly wait to start ballet and tap next year!

(I just had to throw this one in! Maggie was made me laugh out loud with her "model" pose for this picture. "Mom, let me see! Am I cute?"
"These are the moments, I thank God that I'm alive.
These are the moments, I'll remember all my life."
--Edwin McCain